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Our team is made up of concierges with backgrounds in luxury hotels and private aviation catering. We’ve brought our two professions together to create a new concept in private jet catering.

We have our own kitchens through exclusive contracts with our partners.
Our team has sourced professionals from the VVIP catering industry to offer the sector a new player in private jet catering: VJC.
The catering we provide cannot be offered by any other player in the market.

Many industry professionals place their trust in us. They include VIP & VVIP flight attendants, crew members, jet charters and jet brokers. We also work for FBOs and handlers at busy airports. The spectrum extends to supervising agents and flight support organizations.

Our concierge teams do their utmost to acknowledge your request in less than 15 minutes, every day of the week.
An estimate will be sent to you as soon as possible.
We generally ask to receive an order between 24 and 48 hours before delivery, as our Chefs work on demand and with fresh produce.

You can find all the airports served by VJC on our scope page.

Our concierge team can source VIP catering for other destinations, thanks to its network and experience in private jet catering.

However, we can deliver ultra VIP catering to : MYNN, TAPA, OEDF, OERK, OTBD, OKKK, OMAD, OMSJ, OBBI.

You can email us at or contact us on WhatsApp at +1 (213) 772-8722.
For those unable to call via WhatsApp, VJC is also available on the Botim app.
A phone line will be available very soon.

3 menus per destination have been created to meet as many of your requirements as possible.
Our VIP International menu, which includes the most frequent requests we receive.
Our local menu, which highlights the specific local features of each country.
Finally and when available, our Michelin-starred and/or gourmet menu to give you the best catering experience on board your private jet.

We can, of course, personalize our services and our Chefs will adapt to your requirements.

Our logistics team delivers the order to your FBO.
However, we will liaise with your FBO to guarantee delivery on board your aircraft.

Our packaging charter is communicated to and approved by each of our partners.
We strive to provide containers that are adapted to your aircraft: oven, microwave, optimised space within the galley.
We can also deliver in bulk if required.
Each packaging is possible according to your request.

You will find details of our payment and cancellation conditions in our general terms and conditions of sale.

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